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Therapy Boxing
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Therapy Boxing Program: Your child or teen may not ever become the heavyweight champion, but he or she can reap several benefits from the sport of boxing and group counseling if they are struggling with behavior issues, emotional problems, or are on the autism spectrum. Training in this sport can help children and teen excel both physically and mentally.

Our Therapy Boxing program reaches out to the places that other sports and conventional therapy don't reach. Why? Because it engages with young people on their own terms and recognises that frustration and aggression that is so often the hallmark of teenage years.  The goal of our program is to give young people who may be bad at everything else they've tried a sense of worth and self-esteem. Encouraging them to stop labelling themselves with negative labels.
Paul Anthony "Paulie" Ayala is an American former professional boxer who held the NABF and WBA bantamweight titles, and the IBO super bantamweight title.
Following retirement, Ayala has contributed to helping those who suffer from Parkinson's disease. In Fort Worth, Texas at his University of Hard Knocks gym, Ayala started a program to help Parkinson's patients. Using his expertise, he teaches non-contact boxing techniques to regain coordination, strength and balance in order to improve the quality of life for his students and create an environment of camaraderie.
Jaime is the Founder and Owner of New Horizon Counseling Centers. He was inspired to become a counselor during his undergraduate work at Dallas Baptist University (DBU) when his psychology  professor spoke about his experiences as a counselor in his private practice. Jaime found this very inspiring to be able to help others, and went to  complete his studies in Master of Arts in Counseling at DBU.  He has been interviewed in regards to different mental health topics by a local radio station, several television programs, including a popular Univision news program "Aqui y Ahora."  He was also interviewed and filmed in a documentary produced by AMS Pictures named "Portrait of Abuse."
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