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Laura Meyers, M,A, LPC
This week's featured therapist is Laura Meyer, MS, LPC 

​ Laura Meyer has:
         Master in Science, License Professional Counselor 

Areas of Specialties:
  Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral 
  Therapy, Psychoanalytic, client Centered Therapy, &
  Trauma Focused Therapy 

  She has experience working with: 

  Anger Management, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Behavioral Issues, Self Esteem, self Harm, LGBT, Trauma/PTSD Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, Divorce Blended Families, Relationship Issues, Family Conflicts, Marriage Issues, Pre-Marital Issues ParentingSkills/Issues. Personality disorders, Mood Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Psycho Social Issues Oppossitional Deviant Behaviors, Hording, Self Management, Coping & Life Skills ​
  Featured Therapist

A Conversation With Laura 

Why did you choose counseling?

​When I first announce to one of my work colleagues that I was leaving a lucrative career as a corporate finance analyst to become a counselor, he commented with a puzzled look, "You must really like people!" It never occurred to me that I shouldn;t but it made me realized how oblivious we can be to the hurt that is around us everyday. Counseling gives me the opportunity and privilege to participate in the transformation of lives-one individual at a time, one family at a time, one community, one city, one country, to reach the whole world. 

Why is mental health important?

​We experience life through our senses-what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste. All of this is the filtered through our mind. An unhealthy mind will distort the way we process life experiences and affect our decisions, our relationships and quality of life in general. Mental healthy perspectives to our experiences. Only them we can grow, thrive and become meaningful contributors in the world.  

What type of therapeutic modality do you use? Why do you use this method? 

Person Center Therapy is the foundation that apply as a critical element to connect with every client, regardless of age. Researchers say that he therapeutic relationship provides 60% of the healing that our clients need. From this my therapeutic approches are Trauma-Focused ( I am a Certified Trauma Specialist) and a wide appllication of cognitive Behavioral models.

What areas do you feel you are most qualified in?

​Marriage, wiht respect to chronic conflicts and recovery from the trauma of marital infidelity, is an area that I am most passionate about, and to which I 've adopted tools and approaches form the best marriage experts. If I can help couples navigate the most difficult things they will encounster in their relationships, we can save whole families, and set a platform to model to our children how to be more resilient in he face of adversity. 

Why did you choose New Horizon?

I was first referred to NHCC by a resident therapist. I stayed after meeting our director Jaime Corona, and seeing and hearing his heart and vision for helping 
families. We were on the same page. 

Person Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Marriage and Family, Crisis, Military Stress: Deployments & Family Conflicts, Adolescent Issues, Substance Abuse, Men Issues, and Christian Counseling.

Spending time with my beautiful wife, outreach, gardening, movies, and travel. 

Military Service: 25yr Retired Air Force Veteran

River Oaks

I See:
To schedule an appointment with Laura, please call 817-624-1222